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Privacy policy


What is illustrated in this Privacy Policy applies to this website and related tools, services and / or applications of the same, regardless of the methods of access (for example via mobile devices), use or communication (for example, contact via email or telephone).



Following consultation of this site, data relating to identified or identifiable persons may be processed. The “Owner” of the relative treatment is the Municipality of Amendolara, in the person of the pro tempore mayor.

The treatments connected to the web services of this site take place at the aforementioned office and are handled by the staff in charge of the treatment. It is possible to contact the latter via one of the addresses (email or telephone numbers) indicated in the Contact section of this website.



We collect personal data provided directly by you and / or automatically acquired through devices (including mobile devices) when you use our Services, register an account, provide data in a web form or contactform, update or add information to your account, participate a discussion chat or leave a review, make a reservation or otherwise contact us (by email or by phone). In particular, the optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails to the address indicated or the telephone call to the numbers indicated entails the subsequent acquisition of the address or number itself, as well as of the other personal data indicated in the message or conferred in the telephone communication.

Personal data you provide when you use our Services or register for an account

• Identification data such as name, surname, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses,

• Financial data (for example, credit card or bank account numbers) in connection with a transaction.

• Data relating to shipments, billing used to purchase a product,

• In other cases, you may indicate age, gender, interests and preferences.

• Other data that we are required or authorized to collect and process, in accordance with current legislation, in order to authenticate or identify the user or to verify the information collected.

You can only provide us with personal data about another person with their explicit consent. You should inform the person in question about how we acquire, process, transmit and store personal data in accordance with this Privacy Notice.



We use your personal data to fulfill contractual obligations towards you and to provide you with our products and/or services and in particular:

• To manage orders, bookings, to provide products and services, to process payments and account management, to improve our Services, to keep them safe, secure and operational, and to personalize the content of the site, including the objects and services you may be interested in.

• To manage orders, bookings, to provide products and services, to process payments and account management, to improve our Services, to keep them safe, secure and operational, and to personalize the content of the site, including the objects and services you may be interested in.

• When we contact you for the purposes described above, we may communicate with you via email, telephone, SMS, postal communications and push notifications on mobile devices.

• To provide you with other services requested by you, according to the indications provided in the data collection.

• We may use location data to provide you with services based on your location (for example, advertisements, search results, and other personalized content).

• To prevent, detect, mitigate and ascertain fraud, security breaches and potentially prohibited or illegal activities.

We have implemented checks for a fair balance between our interests and your rights. This includes the following:

• Contact you by email, telephone or post to offer you coupons, discounts and special promotions, to know your opinions through surveys or questionnaires and to inform you about our Services, as permitted by current legislation.

• Contact you for matters of public interest or other events, in relation to your ability to use our Services. This may include inviting you to participate in a petition, writing a letter, notice or other type of campaign related to public interests.

• Present you with targeted marketing campaigns, service updates and promotional offers.

• Measure the performance of our email marketing campaigns (e.g. by analyzing the opening and click rates).

• Monitor and improve the security of information on our site and mobile applications.

With your consent, we may use your personal data to:

• Marketing through phone calls, emails or text messages.

• Marketing from third parties.

• Use your geolocation to provide you with location-based services.

• Use your sensitive information to facilitate transactions in certain categories.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.



You can choose the newsletters and promotions you wish to receive.

If you do not wish to receive marketing communications, you can unsubscribe via the link in the email you received, or contact us at one of the addresses (email or telephone numbers) indicated in the Contact Us section of this website. Please note that we do not sell or consult for a fee or otherwise disclose your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes without your consent.

Keep access active in case of activation of a personal account

When you activate or log in to your account for our Services, you can choose to remain logged in for a specified period of time. If you are using a public or shared computer, we advise against maintaining access. During the period in which access is maintained, anyone who uses the computer / browser in question will in fact be able to see most of the information in your account and perform specific actions without the need for further authorization. Specific actions and account activities that computer / browser users can perform include the following:

• Make purchases or make reservations and / or rentals

• Make payments or add items to your cart

• Purchase items via Express Checkout (if enabled for your account)

• See the activity header

• See or change the items you view or order details

• See profile page

• Send messages

• Conducting after-sales activities, for example, canceling orders, requesting returns or making complaints.

In order to protect your account and personal data when using public or shared computers, we recommend that you log out and / or delete cookies after using our Services.



You have the right to know what personal data we hold about you. Upon your request, by contacting us at one of the addresses (email or telephone numbers) indicated in the Contact section of this website, we will provide you with a copy of your personal data in a commonly used format that is easily intelligible and accessible.

Further more, if you have a personal account, by accessing it, you can see, check, modify or update most of your personal data in case of changes and / or errors. It is possible that you may not be able to modify or remove them because, for example, you do not have a personal account or due to a malfunction of the system. In this case Contact us at one of the addresses (email or telephone numbers) available in the Contact section of this website, we will deal with all your requests without delay.

You can always choose not to provide personal data, it being understood that the communication of such data may be necessary to place orders or take advantage of some of our functions, such as "my account", Favorites list, Cart, Reviews, Reservations etc.

If you request us to stop processing some or all of your personal data or withdraw your consent to our use or sharing of your personal data for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, we may not be able to provide you with all the Services and customer support offered to our users and authorized under this Privacy Policy.

Upon your request, we will remove your personal data without delay in accordance with current legislation and the rules on data retention and deletion.




The retention period of personal data can vary significantly based on the context of the Services we provide and our legal obligations. Retention periods normally depend on the following factors:

We keep your personal data for as long as necessary to provide you with the Services you have requested, for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected or for other essential purposes in compliance with this legislation, this includes maintaining and improving the performance of our products and / or services, it being understood that the user can request, at any time, the interruption of the processing and the deletion of his data.

When it is no longer necessary to keep personal data, it will be securely removed in accordance with our data retention and deletion rules.



We may share your personal data with companies that are part of our Group, which in turn may use your data to:

• Provide joint content and services

• Present personalized advertising

• Improve their products, sites, applications, services, tools and marketing communications.

• The companies of our Group will use your personal data to send marketing communications only if you have given explicit consent or in any case in other ways permitted by current legislation.

We may also share your data with third party suppliers who collaborate with us for the provision of our Services, payment processing, booking management, advertising personalization; Financial institutions; Third party shipping service providers with whom we share delivery addresses, contact information and shipping codes in order to facilitate the delivery of purchased items and other delivery-related information. We guarantee that they cannot use your data for other purposes and are also required to treat it in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data.

In cases other than those indicated above, you will be informed every time your personal data will be disclosed to third parties and you will have the possibility to choose whether to accept or not.



When you access or interact with our site, services, apps, tools or other systems, we may use cookies and other similar technologies for advertising and marketing purposes, as well as to offer you a better, faster and safer experience. For more information you can consult our Cookies section.




We protect your personal data by adopting technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risk of data loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and tampering.

Our website refers to a general audience and is not aimed at minors. We do not collect personal data from users under the age of 18.



If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Notice, global privacy standards or personal data management procedures, you can contact us using one of the contact details (email or telephone numbers) indicated in the Contact section of this website.

In addition to this, you have the right to lodge complaints with a supervisory authority.



This document constitutes the Privacy Policy of this website. It may be subject to changes or updates. When it comes to significant changes or updates, these will be reported in good time with appropriate notifications to users.